Formal Written Appraisal
Our fees depend on the number of items to be appraised. Any written appraisal will be charged $250 per hour. For a collection, contact us to have the most suitable estimate.
Verbal Appraisal

Verbal appraisals are called Verbal Approximation of Value (VAV) Note that this kind of appraisal is not valid for insurance and IRS. We can do such an appraisal. Our fees are $150 per hour.

Our Fees

We have a minimum fee of $250 for any appraisal.

We apply a 50% deposit for any type of appraisal.

Have any question? Contact us today at 310-351-9833 or by using our form.

Expert witness services

When required, we can provide expert witness services (including deposition, arbitration and court appearances). For this service, we charge $450 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.


We appraise all over USA and Canada. When traveling is required, we will charge additional fees. These additional fees will be submitted to your approval before engaging any expenses. Travelling expenses will have to be paid up-front.