An appraisal has to respect the rules established by the code of Ethics.

As an accredited member of ISA and USPAP, all our appraisals respect these requirements.

This includes: confidentiality, transparency, filing.

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Below are the steps we will follow together:

Our Process

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01. Contact

The first step is usually a phone call or an email (use our contact form).If necessary, we schedule an appointment to assess the piece(s).

Note: We can evaluate items on photos sent to us by email but it will be a limited condition appraisal.


02. Assessment

The second step will be the assessment of the piece(s). This will take no more than 2 hours (depending of the number of items to be appraised). If you have any information like old appraisals, invoices, and provenance, please provide them.

Note: You can send us pictures but we prefer to take them by ourselves.

Research2 (Small)

03. Research

Back to our office, we will start our research on the item(s). A complete written or oral report will then provided in respect of USPAP requirements. Each item will be detailed in the report with pictures, provenance, period, description, and value.
Our appraisals are compliant with the report writing standards of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and with IRS regulations (when required).


04. Report

Once finished, the report will be sent to you by email (PDF format) and by mail 1 copy (more copies upon request and additional charge). As required, we will keep track of the appraisal in our fields.